"We Love To Have Fun, Care, Love and Enjoy Life. That is Why We Do What We Do."

"Always be the better choice for your love ones, personal, intimate and hygiene care needs."

About Us

Our Company was incorporated in year 2009 with the objectives of providing our customers and partners with our wide range of quality products, ranging from baby care products, personal care products, hygiene and intimate care, up to household products.

With a lot of energy, passion and excitement we started this business, not just to meet and understand of our consumers needs, but to provide good quality material to produce our product ranges, to achieve carefree and optimum satisfaction from our customers and partners. 

Our Vision

To be the company that best understands, cares, loves and satisfies our customer daily cleanliness and hygiene needs,
anyone, anytime, any place, and any of our products.

Our Values

Understand People

To provide our carefree and quality products for babies, kids, teenagers, up to adults range, and relies on a deep understanding of people needs.

Fulfilling People needs

By providing essential needs for cleanliness and hygiene care for babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults on daily basis relates to skin, hair or hygiene care, and continuously of providing satisfactory quality and wider our range of carefree products.

To gain and maintain consumers trust with our quality and reliable brand products 

We are here on the long term basis with our solutions to meet people’s cleanliness and hygiene needs,

Support People

We exist to help others achieve their goals, and through that, to achieve our vision (please refer to our services available eg. OEM, ODM and OBM)